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xDB Matters

XML Databases are not new.  People have been working with the concept (if not the name) for a decade.  One of the primary vendors in the space, MarkLogic,  just announcedthey raised $12.5 m USD in series D funding.  This is a notable event – not so much for the company but more for the technology.  It shows that… Read More ›

OEM and the EMC Inside Strategy

After an uncomfortably long silence we are seeing more about EMC’s OEM strategy as it relates to Content Management. The press release adresses five key areas. A formal rebranding of the X-Hive XML server and a reference from http://www.doczone.com  IRM and a customer highlight for a SaaS evidence management application The OEM content server is mentioned with no customer reference Application Xtender is presented… Read More ›

XML Repositories – If You Can’t Beat ‘Em – Open Source ‘Em

Recently I read where Oracle contributed their XQilla XQuery Engine to the Apache open source community. The engine and the Oracle Berkeley DB XML repository are well known projects in the XML repository space. Despite the humanitarian rhetoric (and active contribution) that surrounds announcements like these, seldom does a large company have motivations for open… Read More ›

XHive Brings Technical Publishing Vertical Solution to EMC

Imaging aside, I cannot point to any other product in the EMC portfolio that can be classified as a content creation tool other than the applet driven WebPublisher. Third party integrations may be on the price list but they are not necessarily part of the product line’s strategic direction. I suppose you could make the… Read More ›

Is EMC Responding to Marklogic?

Ann Rockley has a post on CMSWatch re: the X-Hive acquisition. This makes me wonder if this is not really in response to two things – Success of products like MarkLogic and others in implementing pure XML repositories The complexity of emulating XML/XPath/xquery capability in old school architectures. Whether EMC folds X-Hive capabilities into its… Read More ›