Evaluating My 2010 ECM Predictions

Last year I made six predictions for the 2010 content management market. Unlike Jean Dixon though I am actually going to review my work.  The thing about making predictions like this is there is no real accountability - That is what makes punditry so appealing. Nevertheless I am going to attempt an objective review anyway.  #1 Open... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Ecmaphobia?

Ecmaphobia(ek - ma -foh' - bee - yah)  noun.  Fear of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Symptoms : 1) Denial of the existence or importance of content in an application 2) Avoidance or unfounded criticism of others known to be proponents of ECM 3) Irrational belief that one can do everything ECM does cheaper, faster and or... Continue Reading →

Who Is Left to be Next

Last week's Open Text and Vignette news gave us all a great deal to think about but now that this long awaited shoe has finally dropped we are left to wonder - who is left? Vignette had been on the ropes for so long it was only a matter of time but are any of the... Continue Reading →

Open Text the New CA

In the high-tech arena, many companies names really stand out.  Not only for their products but also their business style.  Most have connotations of both positive and some negative.  But one stands out on it's own, Computer Associates, or CA as it is more commonly known. Strangely enough I have never meet an employee of... Continue Reading →

Open Text Sucks up Vignette

I seriously think they need to change the name to Hoover. Open Text sucks up another WCMS vendor in embattled Vignette.  I had blogged about this all the way back in August of last year.  Marko more recently pondered it's fate and if nothing else at least the speculation is over.  I suppose the bargain is too good to... Continue Reading →

Content and Crisis

My son was trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year. I told him if you really want to scare people - go as the number 9955. The events of the last few weeks has us all concerned but during my ridiculously expensive commutes I have been wondering what new content management opportunities... Continue Reading →

Open Text ingests Captaris

Well it looks like Open Text has finally stepped into the scanning arena, bringing it to parity with other vendors.  Scanning has been a long missing piece in the Open Text suite but the acquisition of Captaris for $131M will fill that bubble for them.  That's half of what EMC paid for Captiva.  But as Alan... Continue Reading →

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