If Healthcare Were Software

U.S. Supreme Court building.

The Supreme Court hearings on the Patient Protection and Affordability Act (Obamacare)  last week fascinated me. It is one of the few news stories in recent memory that requires you to think rather than just react. In following the topic, I have tied to compare and look for patterns in other areas of my life to help me understand these complex issues. Maintaining boundaries of the Federal government and the limitation of its powers does not really have a good analog though but I go with what I know best. What if healthcare were like enterprise software? Continue reading “If Healthcare Were Software”

XML Repositories – If You Can’t Beat ‘Em – Open Source ‘Em

Recently I read where Oracle contributed their XQilla XQuery Engine to the Apache open source community. The engine and the Oracle Berkeley DB XML repository are well known projects in the XML repository space. Despite the humanitarian rhetoric (and active contribution) that surrounds announcements like these, seldom does a large company have motivations for open sourcing their developments other than money. Continue reading “XML Repositories – If You Can’t Beat ‘Em – Open Source ‘Em”

Microsoft’s Mid-Life Crisis

Sometime between the age 30 and 45 men loose their minds. It’s called a mid-life crisis. You go to your high school reunion compare yourself to the jocks, cheerleaders and geeks you went to school with and take stock of your life. The old joke is that you hit this phase and get a new wife, a new car and a new job. Congratulations Microsoft – at 33 you’ve hit your crisis.

I can’t help but think that Microsoft took a good look at Apple and decided to start dating again. Continue reading “Microsoft’s Mid-Life Crisis”

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