Thoughts on Momentum Barcelona 2016

[WARNING – the following unapologetically contains work related commentary] I had the privilege this week of attending the beginning of Momentum Europe 2016 as ECD was finally able to bring this great event back after a three year hiatus. Bittersweet that this is the last true ECD conference.  I love this event.

EMC World was great but it always diluted Momentum traffic to the point where it was much harder to connect. This was decidedly not the case for the event in Barcelona. There was not a single tchotchke trolling storage admin in sight. Every conversation had something to do with ECD. Well that or how to get up and do a presentation at 8am after 2 hours of sleep and a night of questionable decisions – but that’s how these things go. Continue reading “Thoughts on Momentum Barcelona 2016”

First Take – Leaping Across the Horizon

Yesterday at EMC World Rohit Ghai announced the official name for the much talked about project horizon. I’ve had many tongue in cheek conversations about Horizon as a name. The problem with it was that you can never actually get there. By definition the horizon is beyond reach. With this launch ECD leaps to the destination. (pun intended)  This is more than changing backgrounds and logos. This event represents a transition. Moving from one phase to the next in an effort to bring transformational enterprise content management to the market place. Continue reading “First Take – Leaping Across the Horizon”

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