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Manage At Home

In addition to everyone trying their best to work from home, some people managers are dealing with an entirely new dynamic for the first time. Managing at home. There has been a swing from embracing to refusing to implement virtual workforces over the years but now hard nosed opponents have no other choice. These are… Read More ›

On Leadership and Denial

I had an interesting coversation last night and the topic of leadership came up. Several years ago I was trying to improve my own performance and dived into the plethora of leadership literature out there. John Maxwell, Jack Welch and others have written many great things on the topic but recent chats among friends have… Read More ›

COE – Just another word for bottleneck

Experience in and out of them has taught me that Centers of Excellence are rarely if ever that – excellent. They are the most well intentioned of things at the beginning and often add value. The problem is the concept never really goes away on its own once in place. COE’s are more often than… Read More ›