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Googling My Way Through Knowledge Management

One of the most shocking statements I ever heard was we would have to recreate the lunar program if we ever did it again. Bits of knowledge disappeared as each person on the program left, retired, or passed on. Enterprises today are trying to capture that knowledge as their workforce retires. Yet we are still… Read More ›

Are You Content With Content?

Nobody got anywhere in the world simply by being content. – Louis L’Amour This was the Google quote of the day and as proof that I have been doing this job too long, in my head I put the emphasis on the wrong syllable. I read it con’-tent instead of con-tent’. This made me wonder… Read More ›

Content Management, “Over the Next Hill”

Recently I had saw a strange slide put up on the wall.  It simply said “Over the Hill”.  It’s intent was not to look out a year or two into the future but to look ten years out.  I thought hey what a great idea.  Then I had a flash back to one of those… Read More ›

When information becomes knowledge

Coming back from vacation I ran across a pre-obituary for Knowledge Management penned by Chuck Hollis. The victim isn’t dead quite yet, but if it does pull through it will need to join the witness protection program under a new name. The name of the killer? Social Computing. Chuck goes to great lengths describing his… Read More ›