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What could stop SharePoint

Considering the recent track record, it’s hard to imagine what could stand in the way of SharePoint gaining CMS market dominance over the next few years. Until you consider this announcement.  One reason SharePoint is gaining acceptance is because of its close ties to the authoring tools. Everyone generally agrees it is less than it could… Read More ›

Open Text and the ECM Flea Market

I was going through press releases and ran across an announcement about the Open Text earnings release later this week. Something caught my eye in the text that may be more relevant now than ever. Since the acquisition of Hummingbird in 2006, they have been using the tag line “Largest Independent Provider of ECM Software.”… Read More ›

Are the unions the real winners in the IBM Overtime suit?

When all is said and done, I wonder if organized labor could be the ultimate beneficiary of  IBM’s recent decision to settle the overtime lawsuit. In the settlement, 8 thousand workers were reclassified as non-exempt and made eligible for overtime but were immediately given a 15% pay cut so that expenses wouldn’t change. This certainly… Read More ›