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Not So FAST – Microsoft Buying Yahoo!

Today the other shoe dropped and Microsoft announced a bid for Yahoo! But wait, didn’t they just buy a search company? Now – what was it called again. Oh, never mind that. Yahoo! is much cooler and comes with those nifty ad revenues.

EMC – FAST and Loose with Search

I’ve had a day to ponder the deal and collect opinions around the office and I don’t feel better about the situation. EMC signing a new agreement with Autonomy was not a total shock. It was a measured business response to the changing ecosystem of enterprise software partnerships. I’ve been in many conversations since the… Read More ›

Microsoft Buys FAST, EMC signs OEM agreement with Autonomy

Microsoft announced a 1.2 Billion dollar takeover bid for FAST Search and Transfer, the underlying search engine for Documentum since they abandoned Verity with D5 release. This change was one of the most complex and vexing administrative changes for long time Documentum users. EMC announced this morning a new OEM agreement with Autonomy which bought… Read More ›