2016 Contract Life Cycle Management Buyer Guide Released

When I started down the path of looking at Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) solutions a few months back, I wasn’t sure what I expected to find.  Very quickly I came to realize that Enterprise Content Management vendors barely recognize CLM vendors exist. Once I started my research, I quickly found that the CLM landscape is much larger and broader than most ECM and even CLM vendors can imagine.

I stopped my search at thirty-five CLM vendors.  I’ve taken a deep look at twenty-three of those vendors.  In the guide, I’ve highlighted how their solutions fit into capabilities of the market in general, identified company officers, locations, and funding.  I also addressed twelve vendors that for some reason stand out in CLM but don’t currently fit in with the majority of the market when looked at as a whole.

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Building a Custom Contract Life Cycle Management Solution on ECM

I’ve been researching the Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) ecosystem which has started to overlap the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) ecosystem.  In yesterday’s post, I grouped the CLM vendors into three categories based on the level of their out of the box functionality.  But I really can’t give a perspective on CLM without addressing a custom CLM solution built on an ECM platform.

So what does a custom CLM solution on an ECM platform look like?  ECM platforms, especially those that include compound document support, can easily support everything from contract drafting to obligation tracking.  Here are the additional features that would be in the CLM solution you could build on an ECM platform. Continue reading “Building a Custom Contract Life Cycle Management Solution on ECM”

CLM Vendors in your mirror are closer than they appear

Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM) is one of the ecosystems where the lines between what that business solution solves and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can solve are blurring.  I spent the last few months researching the CLM industry from the view of ECM.  What I’ve learned is that an entire CLM ecosystem has evolved independent of ECM with the same features and functions offered by ECMThis ecosystem is much larger than I thought.  Now I know that many of them have capabilities that match ECM.  Some CLM vendors even exceed the capabilities that many ECM vendors can offer.  The question of configuration versus customization is much simpler when the configuration scenario doesn’t require any customization.  What can be done out-of-the-box with CLM is far more than I think most expect. Continue reading “CLM Vendors in your mirror are closer than they appear”

Contract Management is a Convoluted Landscape

Over the past few months I’ve been talking about how Enterprise Content Management is a platform and that the ECM landscape is changing.  I’ve been noticing this trend where “new” to me vendors have been popping up on my radar.  At first glance, I labeled each one as a niche vendor.  As new names came up, I realized that I was actually seeing a much larger parallel market.  Solutions vendors were emerging in areas that had been typically custom solutions built on ECM platforms.  In some cases large vendor landscapes had emerged.  One case in point is Contract Life cycle Management. Continue reading “Contract Management is a Convoluted Landscape”

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