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Evaluating My 2010 ECM Predictions

Last year I made six predictions for the 2010 content management market. Unlike Jean Dixon though I am actually going to review my work.  The thing about making predictions like this is there is no real accountability – That is what makes punditry so appealing. Nevertheless I am going to attempt an objective review anyway. 

Adobe Acquires Day

Yesterday’s acquisition of Day Software by Adobe should not come as a surprise.  For those watching closely over the last seven years, Adobe has been trying to build their own Enterprise Content Management system.  Some would argue with little success.  What does come as a surprise is when.  In a time where the validity of… Read More ›

Clouds Raining On ECM’s Barrier To Entry

I’ve been running a little behind on posting but I wanted to make sure this one made it out.  Adobe has announced that LiveCycle Developer Express is available on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. (should that be in or on – a topic for another post)   This is an interesting step forward in our industry.