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Federated Content Services are Real

The last five months have been exciting.  For years I’ve been waiting to see if Federated Content Services would make a comeback.  Federated Content Services takes content from one content repository and makes it available along with content from another repository.  Finally, it seems to be making its comeback and quickly.  Both Gartner and Forrester… Read More ›

CMIS – Why Bother?

CMIS proponent/contributor Laurence Hart (aka @piewords) picked up on the latest debate on whether or not JCR will die at the hands of CMIS.  There are a number of interesting points from the blog over the article in CMS Wire – not the least of which is that degenerative disease is less harsh than zombification –… Read More ›

ECM, So Easy Even a COBOL Programmer Can Do It

I’ve been in a lot of meetings recently where I’ve found myself in a conundrum.  As you’ve seen from a lot of my posts I proclaim that content management is an easy thing to understand.  I really do believe that it’s true.  But then I’m confronted with developers that want to build their own content… Read More ›

CMIS – Be Careful What You Ask For

I just read Chuck Hollis’ appraisal of the impact of the Content Management Interoperability Services. I followed a couple of links and there is so much commentary you would think Ron Paul just selected CMIS as his running mate. Despite Chuck’s nifty acronym (that I will now use often) It strikes me that I’ve heard… Read More ›