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Save, Sync, Share or Serve – Which Do You Really Need

The number of content management offerings in the cloud continues to expand and even for a “seasoned” ECM professional the ambiguous marketing and feature overlap can be confusing. I have been experimenting lately with several of them and have come to realize that while all of these applications at the most abstract level do exactly… Read More ›

Woodland Creatures and The Cloud

I had a dream. And in this dream I was wandering through the forest of enterprise software. I come upon the information super highway cutting through the thick underbrush of marketing and thorny requirements. The lanes are littered with the bodies of vendors that didn’t make it across when change came barreling down on them.

The Problem With “E” in ECM – Part III – Why “C” is the new “E”

This is the third and final post in the Problem With “E” in ECM Series. In the first I outlined why “E” representing enterprise has lost its meaning and usefulness when discussing content management in all its flavors.  In the second installment I discussed how SharePoint has captured the ECM market as we knew it. In the… Read More ›

Will Iron Mountain be the First Content Cloud?

Mimosa Systems acquisition by Iron Mountain was an interesting surprise.  Interesting in that it brings the oldest records management company into the forefront of the latest in eDiscovery.  Iron Mountain was started in 1950 when an abandoned iron mine in Kentucky was used to store bank records and is now located in over 39 countries. … Read More ›

2010 Content Management Assumptions from Marko Sillanpaa

As the year comes to an end it’s time to look at the future.  While many are looking to major predictions for next year, I thought I’d focus on the most obvious ones.  These are the top five ECM assumptions that loom ahead in are day-to-day work lives 2010