McLaren, Engineering CCAs the Right Way

On a regular basis I get asked about Composite Content Applications, the concept formerly known as CEVAs, and it’s validity to the industry.  As I started looking back into my history for reference points, I would check back to companies that would rise up from some conversation or another.  Then one day another old name came to mind, McLaren Software.  I first heard about them when I joined Documentum back in 1998 and meet several of their team in Pleasanton building the first release of their original CADLink integration product.  So I thought I’d take a look and see what they were doing now.

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Witnessing the Birth of a CEVA Ecosystem

Those of you that have read my articles before know I’m big on CEVA’s.  I think Content Enabled Vertical Applications (or if you now prefer Composite Content Applications) are the future for enterprise content management.  I believe that ECM would gain stronger visibility and penetration in the enterprise by allowing and supporting the development of out-of-the box end solution.  Yesterday’s CSC Trends Conference was a showing of just what can happen.

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EMC Embraces CEVA Strategy with CSC FirstDoc

A huge announcement was made today by EMC and CSC (Computer Sciences Corp) around the controlled and regulatory document space.  EMC is focusing on platform functionality for controlled documents while CSC will provide “the last mile” functionality to the end user.  This is a big shift for EMC who often competed with CSC FirstDoc (formerly First Consulting Group) on end user functionality.  In the ECM space this if the first significant market validation of a CEVA (Content Enabled Vertical Application). 

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Where Have All the CEVA’s Gone?

This week I find myself in a unique scenario. And for those of you that know me well, it’s not the fact that I’m visiting New Orleans for business (I visit NoLa for Drago’s chargrilled oysters at least four times each year). It’s that I’m attending a user conference for a solution that was built on top of an ECM platform, specifically CSC (formerly FCG) FirstDoc which is built on EMC’s Documentum platform. As I sit in the room it dawns on me, what happened to all the talk of CEVAs (Content Enabled Vertical Applications)?

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Oracle’s ECM Vertical Acquisitions

Oracle announce the acquisition of Skywire last week and it highlights the difference between the growth and acquisition strategies of the different players. For those unfamiliar with it, Skywire boasts of having 1450 insurance customers. Clearly a CEVA acquisition. The pattern is not exclusive but this acquisition is not unlike Peoplesoft, Siebel or other major function acquisitions where they acquired strong players in a vertical built on their technology. Contrast this with EMC acquistions over the last twelve months in the CM space. Document Sciences and X-Hive are both clearly platform buys. So why does Oracle go after vertical applications instead of platforms? They do it because they can. Continue reading “Oracle’s ECM Vertical Acquisitions”

EMC Documentum’s OEM Platform

At EMC World, the OEM edition of Documentum was unveiled, Content Services OEM.  The presentation showed that EMC understands that an OEM program is made up of the platform, support, and marketing.  Unfortunately what they developed for CS didn’t quite meet the standards that they themselves announced.  But there are ways to work around their weaknesses, and it’s the first fully announced OEM ECM platform with access to a good lead engine.

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Considering a CEVA Strategy?

There have been several articles written about CEVAs but they all seem to have been written for the customer not the vendor.  I think it’s too early to talk about how a customer should choose a CEVA when there’s only one CEVA to choose from.  What we really need is for vendors and VARS to look at a CEVA strategy as a new way to build their products.

It’s simple to say that we should relate CEVAs to relational database platforms, but even this level of clarity doesn’t exist for CEVA.  There are basic questions around CEVAs that have not been answered.  So let’s answer them. 

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