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Who Will Lead ECM?

When I stated that OpenText would not be “THE” leader in Enterprise Content Management (ECM), I mentioned that there were three groups from which a leader would emerge.  I’ve seen a change as I moved from working with the Documentum platform to working with OnBase in both the industry and customers that have three solutions… Read More ›

Why OpenText will not Lead ECM

Oh what a few weeks we’ve had in Enterprise Content Management (ECM)!  After the news that OpenText will acquire its competitor Documentum, we’ve seen some comments from Alfresco, with a simple reply back from OpenText CEO Barrenechea.  Lee gave his thoughts, as did Bill Forquer from the OpenText front. There also been a lot of independent assessments.  Dave Giordano… Read More ›

Proof Finding ECM Platforms is Difficult

I think most of the time, we in the industry take for granted that “everyone” knows what ECM (Enterprise Content Management) is.  If you have a document management problem, you suddenly miraculously figure out that what you really have is an ECM problem.  You then immediately discover the Gartner Magic Quadrant and you are ready… Read More ›

Do You Have Ecmaphobia?

Ecmaphobia(ek – ma -foh’ – bee – yah)  noun.  Fear of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Symptoms : 1) Denial of the existence or importance of content in an application 2) Avoidance or unfounded criticism of others known to be proponents of ECM 3) Irrational belief that one can do everything ECM does cheaper, faster and or… Read More ›

ECM, So Easy Even a COBOL Programmer Can Do It

I’ve been in a lot of meetings recently where I’ve found myself in a conundrum.  As you’ve seen from a lot of my posts I proclaim that content management is an easy thing to understand.  I really do believe that it’s true.  But then I’m confronted with developers that want to build their own content… Read More ›

Adobe Out In the Open with Alfresco

When Marko posted his report card for the EMC Documentum OEM edition I thought it was a fair assessment of the offering. The fact that EMC has based it on the 5.5 release and not D6 was troubling though. Turns out the post was far more timely than we realized. Now that Adobe has announced… Read More ›

EMC Documentum Will Not Go Quietly Into that Dark Night

The biggest surprise of EMC World so far was presented in the Tuesday keynote but for some reason the buzz wasn’t going around.  I was asked last night if I had seen the Magellan demo but as I had only arrive that afternoon I had missed it.  I also didn’t know that the keynotes were… Read More ›

Thoughts on Acquisitions and ECM – EMC,BEA,Oracle,MySQL,Sun,…

Enterprise software has never looked more like a hillbilly family tree. Is hillbilly really one word? – it passed spell check, but I digress. Consolidation in the market at this level makes the geeks and analysts quiver with delight over having something new to talk about. I have seen a great deal of repetition of… Read More ›