A Busy Year for ECM Investments

This was posted less than one hour before Open Text announced it would buy Documentum (a.k.a. EMC-ECD).  My assessment of the acquisition is here. You have to look closely but there’s really a lot going on in the financial world around Enterprise Content Management.  There is more out there than what will happen with Documentum. ... Continue Reading →

Adobe Acquires Day

Yesterday’s acquisition of Day Software by Adobe should not come as a surprise.  For those watching closely over the last seven years, Adobe has been trying to build their own Enterprise Content Management system.  Some would argue with little success.  What does come as a surprise is when.  In a time where the validity of... Continue Reading →

Adobe – FlashPaper vs. PDF

Wow another portable document format.  Market leader Adobe Acrobat PDF better watch out or Adobe Macromedia FlashPaper will eat their market share.  Oh wait a minute, Adobe and Adobe, oh.  I get it, another company where two divisions don’t talk to each other.  Looks like Adobe’s been creating a new portable document format specifically for... Continue Reading →

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