Getting Rid of Paper is Simple Arithmetic

I’m going to be honest, selling “scan and store” is boring.  When I get asked the value of simply scanning all the documents in a file room and storing them in a repository with a simple index, I become Rainman.  “That will be $10,000 and you’ll have a 1-year return on investment.”  Usually no one believes me and then I become John Forbes Nash Jr and quickly draw up the calculations on a white board.  So I thought it would be interesting to share my calculations. Continue reading “Getting Rid of Paper is Simple Arithmetic”

The ROI on ECM – Calculating Search Efficiency

Too often the real value of a distribution channel, or site, goes unknown.  Information is published with the expectation that the reader will find it.  Unlike In a Field of Dreams, “Build it and they will come” is not necessarily accurate.  People will visit a site once or twice but if they can’t get what they need don’t expect a third or fourth visit.  They will find alternate channels to an answer, like developing a new site or checking with others whose information might be out of date.

But keeping people coming back to your site can be easy if you monitor a metric I call Search Efficiency.  (Please note I’m not talking about optimizing a search engine but a way to put a numeric value to the performance of the search engine on your site.)  Unfortunately calculating Search Efficiency can be a tedious manual process, but once the effort is completed you have a whole new understanding of your site and its visitors.

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The ROI on ECM – Calculating Cost of Content

The cost of content is the most basic level of measure in the content management space.  If there is one basic measure that library services, the core of content management, should bring to any installation is a reduction in the Cost of Content.  By simply calculating the Cost of Content before and after the installation the basic ROI for the deployment begins to be identified.  But Cost of Content is also a component of several other calculations, like Content Valuation.

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The ROI on ECM – Estimating Storage

Lee and I were talking and one of the most common questions we hear from clients implementing or managing a content management system is how to calculate a return on their system.  Companies end up spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on a CMS system with no idea of how to track the value it is bringing to their organization.


There is no one simple formula to calculate ROI for a CMS system.  Instead what we have discovered is there are a series of calculations one can make to understand the costs and saving of the system.   These numbers can then be used to calculate the return on the implementation.  To introduce these calculations we decided to start a series of posts, with this being the inaugural issue.  Being the first one we’ll start with a simple, yet regularly asked question, how much storage do I need?

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