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Is It Time to Revive Knowledge Management?

March 3, 2015

Back in the 90s, Knowledge Management was being heralded as one of the best use cases for content management. The goal of Knowledge Management was to effectively capture and reuse an organization’s knowledge. That’s a lofty goal and it’s not a surprise that most Knowledge Management failed miserably. There were many cultural, organizational, and process… Read More ›

There Can Be Only One (Repository)?

For years I have believed in the Highlander principal (from the movie of the same name) for enterprise content management (ECM), There Can Be Only One.  I lived and breathed that mantra back at the millennial. The belief was that only one repository was what was needed for an ECM platform.  That was right then… Read More ›

Googling My Way Through Knowledge Management

One of the most shocking statements I ever heard was we would have to recreate the lunar program if we ever did it again. Bits of knowledge disappeared as each person on the program left, retired, or passed on. Enterprises today are trying to capture that knowledge as their workforce retires. Yet we are still… Read More ›