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Relationships in xCP – Part 2

November 9, 2012

This is the second in a three part series on how to make your relationships wonderful and full-filling using xCP2. Click here for part one. One Tool To Model Them All I have already mentioned that with xCPDesigner we have a consolidated tool to create xCP applications. Part of this shift is the move to model… Read More ›

SpringCM extends ECM in the Cloud to Include Case

There’s been a lot of attention to content management cloud strategies these days but most of what is there today is really just file sharing.  Some, like Box.net, have taken this a further by adding tasks and versioning.  But really that’s a little piece of library services.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that at least one… Read More ›

What is a case?

I read a great post yesterday by Alan Pelz-Sharpe “The Case for Case Management – and  Business Intelligence.”  One phrase however leapt off the page that I think is critical for those of us with ECM backgrounds. Alan says. Essentially Case Management means applying rules (either automatically or manually) to documents to ensure that they… Read More ›

From Content to Cases

Check out my guest post on the case management vs. content management debate on the Fierce Content Management site. Another post on this topic comning soon title: “Just what is a case anyway?”

Rules Rule in Case Management

On his blog , Dan Ciruli from the xCP team at EMC asked a few interesting questions about the role of a business analyst in case management system development. He has the formidable challenge putting the next generation of tools together for the suite and it is an important question to ask. He suggests that… Read More ›