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Lost Knowledge Found – Content Integration

December 14, 2016

Finding documents is one of the biggest challenges for most organizations.  This is supposed to become easier after implementing an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, but when an organization has multiple platforms it becomes exponentially harder.  The documents are under control but they have different ways they’re organized, they have different keywords, and are locked… Read More ›

CMIS – Why Bother?

CMIS proponent/contributor Laurence Hart (aka @piewords) picked up on the latest debate on whether or not JCR will die at the hands of CMIS.  There are a number of interesting points from the blog over the article in CMS Wire – not the least of which is that degenerative disease is less harsh than zombification –… Read More ›

CMIS – Be Careful What You Ask For

I just read Chuck Hollis’ appraisal of the impact of the Content Management Interoperability Services. I followed a couple of links and there is so much commentary you would think Ron Paul just selected CMIS as his running mate. Despite Chuck’s nifty acronym (that I will now use often) It strikes me that I’ve heard… Read More ›