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What the Cloud Means to Real People

I hate Microsoft’s “To The Cloud” ad campaign. Mainly because it is stupid but also because my kids now run around yelling it just to annoy me. I equally dislike just about every other attempt to explain to real people what cloud computing means.

EMC Embraces Employee Managed Content with Box

The world of collaboration is changing and EMC is making dramatic moves to address the portfolio’s relevance in the market. All of the legacy ECM vendors are struggling to maintain or redefine themselves in this space. There is no debating the fact that SharePoint was a tremendously disruptive product in the collaboration market and redefinition… Read More ›

SpringCM extends ECM in the Cloud to Include Case

There’s been a lot of attention to content management cloud strategies these days but most of what is there today is really just file sharing.  Some, like Box.net, have taken this a further by adding tasks and versioning.  But really that’s a little piece of library services.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that at least one… Read More ›

The Problem With “E” in ECM – Part III – Why “C” is the new “E”

This is the third and final post in the Problem With “E” in ECM Series. In the first I outlined why “E” representing enterprise has lost its meaning and usefulness when discussing content management in all its flavors.  In the second installment I discussed how SharePoint has captured the ECM market as we knew it. In the… Read More ›

Commoner’s Guide to the Cloud

Recently I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of conversations about clouds around the water cooler.  They go a little something like this: “The cloud allows computers to share resources to run applications.” “Oh, like mainframe computing?” “No, it takes advantage of several computers to run the application.” “Oh, like network computing?” “No, it uses those… Read More ›

Will Iron Mountain be the First Content Cloud?

Mimosa Systems acquisition by Iron Mountain was an interesting surprise.  Interesting in that it brings the oldest records management company into the forefront of the latest in eDiscovery.  Iron Mountain was started in 1950 when an abandoned iron mine in Kentucky was used to store bank records and is now located in over 39 countries. … Read More ›