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Social Content is on the Record as being Record Content

Organizations have been quick to adopt social channels as a new communication mechanism.  But the records aspect of these channels is often ignored.  Control over instant messaging (AOL Instant Messenger) was ignored by trading companies fourteen years ago until word got out.  But oddly, the problem is still happening today.  As new social channels are adopted, organizations have to look at how to manage posts as records.  It’s not a question as to if but when a post will become common content for records manger and attorneys.

As many of you long time readers may know, I find myself in a unique world.  Being a computer person I should, live in a world of absolutes, one-and-zeros.  But I often find myself discussing eDiscovery and most recently social content with attorneys.  So as social has emerged in enterprise content, I’ve taken a longer look into what’s happening legally.

Last year, I decided to take some formal training on the subject by attending AIIM’s Social Media Governance training program.  Jesse Wilkens developed the material back in 2012.  It’s great content and gets students to start to think about social content as records.  But one comment was stuck in my mind, the doubt that a post or a Tweet would ever become record.  Especially as a tweet is limit of 140 characters.   The last year has shown several situations where Facebook posts or Tweets have made their way into the legal or regulatory conversation.  Here’s what I’ve seen so far, starting with the latest:

And there’s more if you dig deeper.  Think this is just tied to individuals, I did find one case of corporate litigation in the last year in the news:

Concepts like liable, slander, and negligence and the enforcement of contracts and agreements all exist in the cyber world no matter what the form.  The stories so far seem to say that it is we individuals that need to think before we post.   Corporations seem to be doing a good job of controlling what they post. But organizations need to remember what is tweeted or posted on Facebook should not only be controlled but maintained as a recorded, no matter which social media platform is being used.

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