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eDisovery Reviews used for potential Corporate Manslaughter case?

A rather interesting report by Bloomberg, BP Executives may be charged with manslaughter from the Gulf Oil Spill.  According to Bloomberg,  “investigators are scrutinizing e-mails and other documents to determine what BP officials and the company’s drilling partners knew when they testified before Congress.”  Document discovery is not new but since Enron we’re hearing more and more about it.  Usually convictions or rulings have resulted in fines. But, “prosecutors have been looking at charges of involuntary manslaughter or seaman’s manslaughter”.  meaning this situation may be the first highly visible manslaughter conviction of corporate executives done through eDiscovery.  About 18 months ago I hypostasized that a murder conviction could be concluded from eDiscovery.  That was seven months before the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.  (On a side note New Orleans’s restaurant Drago’s still serves the best chargrilled oysters made with Gulf oysters.)

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