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Open Text Winking or Surrendering to Microsoft?

Well if this week’s announcement that Open Text will be offering case management on top of Microsoft SharePoint isn’t a wink across the bar to Microsoft then it must be a white flag of surrender. The support that they are offering the SharePoint platform has one major component missing that similar applications have, an integration to their repository and some of the features they do mention I believe Microsoft would say they already do have them like records classification, search, and a rich client, though not desktop. It seems to me like they’re giving up and basically saying look we have a client that works on top of MOSS and if their’s been one major selling point for MOSS it has been that they have a great UI. But I guess the real question is how much will the product cost. Maybe someone at Open Text read our blog.

Note – For those of you not familiar with how a press release works the fact that there is neither an “About Microsoft” section nor a Microsoft press contact means that this was written exclusively by OpenText with no endorsement from Microsoft. Also known as, “this was not a joint announcement.”

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