The Real Meaning of Text Analytics

Walk through any expo floor and chances are that you will see a half a dozen vendors touting “text analytics." In document management, it's the cool “new” topic. The problem is that text analytics is not new, and often, many of the vendors promoting its support use it themselves. Text analytics has been around for almost... Continue Reading →

Iron Mountain partners with OnBase

Iron Mountain’s “on again - off again” involvement in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is “on again” this time with a partner, Hyland.  When ECM last saw Iron Mountain, it was selling its Records Management product line in 2011.  I didn’t see Iron Mountain's Records Management software sales working back then.  It wasn’t in Iron Mountain’s... Continue Reading →

Contract Lifecycle Management Recap for March 2017

Our recap of March’s news in Contract Life Cycle Management. Subscribe to this recap and get a copy of our 2016 Contract Life Cycle Management Buyer’s Guide.  Follow our blog, Big Men On Content, for our insights on Contract Life Cycle Management, Enterprise Content Management and Information Governance. Icertis Secures $25 Million in Series C Funding  (3/29/17) The $25 million... Continue Reading →

My AIIM 2017 Takeaway

This year’s AIIM Conference was a great networking and knowledge sharing opportunity.  Over 40% of this year’s conference attendees were “first timers”.  Because of this, AIIM had its first “AIIM First Timers Gathering” before the keynote and they offered me a great opportunity to co-host with Jessica Lombardo.  Over 19 countries were represented at the... Continue Reading →

Roadmaps – The Ugly Truth

Every one has one question in mind when they ask me about the OpenText acquisition of ECD (Documentum). What about the roadmap? It is the wrong question. Our entire industry is addicted to selling the roadmap. Here is something you won’t hear anywhere else. You can’t actually buy one. No one ever reads the lawyer slide.... Continue Reading →

Digital Transformation Brings New Back-Office Solutions

Traditionally, the focus of electronic document solutions has been on the large, paper-intensive processes that exist in the front office. The common back-office challenges of contract management, employee file management, and accounts payable ended up last on the list of priorities. However, digital transformation has put pressure on all parts of the organization to improve... Continue Reading →

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