Contract Life Cycle (CLM) Management – An ECM Solution
Contract Life Cycle Management is a growing ecosystem that addresses the back office challenge of managing an organization’s challenge.  What stated as a simpler tickler solution with some contract drafting (content authoring) features has grown into robust solution of template and clause management (compound document management) and obligation tracking.

Calculating Return on Investment with ECM
Too often ECM solutions are developed and reviewed without even the most basic metrics to calculate effectiveness.  The feeling is that calculating Return on Investment (ROI) can’t be done.  It can, there’s just not one calculation to fit all scenarios.  Here are some document metrics that can be used to track the effectiveness of an enterprise content management solution.

ECM as a custom solution platform
Today Enterprise Content Management solutions are really platforms.  In the beginning, the challenge was about managing general collections of documents.  As end users have become more savvy about what they need, business solutions that support these individual content problems have emerged.  The business solutions should look to those ECM platforms as a starting point.


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