Does Clark Howard Hate Trees?

I admit it. The title of this blog is a completely transparent attempt at grandstanding  but no less so than the source for my rant. I do not know if Clark Howard hates trees. That is however a logical conclusion one might reach given the advice I heard him give to millions recently. Howard, in case you... Continue Reading →

The Future of ECM – 2015 Edition

I have been asked the question several times over the last few weeks what I think the future of ECM looks like. Jeroen VanRotterdam (CTO, VP of Engineering EMC IIG) is in the middle of his own series about the future of documentum management (Part 1) and I encourage you to take a look. He begins looking... Continue Reading →

Two Guys and A Computer

Oddly I can't go a month without someone asking me about an ECM competitor that I've never ever heard of before. I know I won't ever know them all but it just surprises me how many vendors are out there. It's like when you put two guys together with a truck and they think they're a... Continue Reading →

There Can Be Only One (Repository)?

For years I have believed in the Highlander principal (from the movie of the same name) for enterprise content management (ECM), There Can Be Only One.  I lived and breathed that mantra back at the millennial. The belief was that only one repository was what was needed for an ECM platform.  That was right then... Continue Reading →

A Look Back at ECM Trends 2014

My favorite post of the year to write is the ECM trends but before that a look back on last year's post. In addition to a rambling diatribe on Big Content, I made a few very short observations on trends in 2014. Everyone is moving to cloud and this no longer trend worthy news Yes there... Continue Reading →

The Need for Content Curation

I am really honored that Lee and Marko asked me to join them when they decided to grow this blog. Here is my first blog post for the Big Men On Content: Most content libraries start great. You pick a repository, populate it with some initial content, include decent metadata, establish ways for people to... Continue Reading →

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