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Box is Leading Innovations in Content Services Platform

(Added some post publishing clarification and correction ***)

Last week I attended Boxworks, my first Box conference.   I’ve been following Box for some time but really hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon.  So after having some conversations with the Box team at AIIM 2018, I decided I had to give Box a good look.  I shared my first thoughts about how I think that Box could dominate the midmarket.  So now it’s time to share my thoughts on Box for the enterprise market.

First let me share how I’m interpreting Box.  With over twenty years experience in this space I’ve come to realize that very little that happens is truly new.  Lots of things get rebranded and spun with a new message, but if you look at the basics of it is the same.   Yet there are only a few of us that have been around this space long enough to remember these details.  So I’m going to share my thoughts based on theis bias.

Some Really Powerful Changes to Content Services

The net new features to Content Services Platforms (CSP) were rather impressive.  Some had previous iterations,  but how they are being addressed is what’s interesting.  I see these as the four major game changers announced by Box.

But Some Basic ECM Features Too

The first part of the keynote was a bunch of functionality that was “new” to Box but was not new to the market.  The audience was thrilled by the features I mention below.  I’ll include why I didn’t really see these as industry revelations.  I will share that in conversations with co-blogger Lee Dallas, who’s now at Box, he pointed out that it really doesn’t make sense to build every bit of legacy functionality into a Cloud Content Services model.  Still, I was surprised that they weren’t already in the product.  Here were my three shockers:

Box has definitely become a content services platform to reckon with.  I didn’t even touch on security enhancements and regulatory compliance.  Box has become the platform for organizations looking for next generation content management features built on an open platform.  With more than 150,000 developers on Box, there’s lot of people ready to help build those applications.

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