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Thoughts on Momentum Barcelona 2016

[WARNING – the following unapologetically contains work related commentary] I had the privilege this week of attending the beginning of Momentum Europe 2016 as ECD was finally able to bring this great event back after a three year hiatus. Bittersweet that this is the last true ECD conference.  I love this event.

EMC World was great but it always diluted Momentum traffic to the point where it was much harder to connect. This was decidedly not the case for the event in Barcelona. There was not a single tchotchke trolling storage admin in sight. Every conversation had something to do with ECD. Well that or how to get up and do a presentation at 8am after 2 hours of sleep and a night of questionable decisions – but that’s how these things go.

I was disappointed that I needed to leave early but in the time I was there a few things stood out to me.

Lastly, my favorite part is connecting with colleagues and friends from customers, partners and ECD alike. There is no substitute for it. The more we spend time together, the more we build trust across the community that sells implements and uses this stuff and we are all better for it. Looking forward to expanding that world with new partners and customers when all the deals are done.


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