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Back Office Content Solutions for State and Local Human Services

As I’ve been looking for out-of-the-box solutions that heavily rely on content, I’ve come to realize that these Back Office Content Solutions are everywhere.  When I started this research I didn’t know how many solutions to expect and how prolific these solutions were.  My real surprise was in human services benefits administration, the poster child for every Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor’s build your own solution message to state and local governments.  Without even trying, I accidentally found two vendors.

To support people with developmental disabilities
Therap offers an out-of-the-box solution that will improve workflow processes and includes limited document management capabilities for organizations that are working with developmental disability benefits.

The document management capabilities Therap developed does not address imaging, editing tool integrations, or retention.  It would simply manage those documents.  The products capabilities for workflow, resource management, and audit are all adequate, but did miss some things offered by ECM.  It even has limited support for mobile devices.  All of these features come out-of-the-box. This functionality could of course be configured or customized with an ECM platform.  What cannot easily be replicated by ECM vendors is that Therap is being used by 15 states.

To support child protective services and child support
Northwoods offers document management and workflow with an out-of-the-box solution to work social services related to children.

Northwoods integrates with ECM platforms, OnBase, Laserfiche, or FileNet, for those capabilities.  By doing this, it allows them to take documents and workflows even further by making it all available on a mobile device with a custom user interface.  The case worker is now able to complete forms, audio record interviews, and collaborate with their supervisors on a mobile device.

Custom ECM solutions should not be the only answer
You will still need custom ECM solutions for large focused social services solutions that don’t replicate easily at the state or national level.  Those common services provided at the local, county or municipal level cannot afford solutions that require weeks of discovery, followed by months of development.  Every extra penny that goes into developing a solution for services is a penny that’s being kept away from an individual in need.

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