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It’s Not Just Customers that Buy the CLM Vision

As I dig deeper into Contract Life Cycle Management, I’m finding a lot of interesting tidbits.  I already said that I was surprised by how large the market is already.  My next big shock is that it’s not only customers that are buying CLM but the investment community as well.


Apttus has a CLM solution but they also fall into the “quote to cash” space.  It has received $186 M in venture funding over three rounds.  Venture backers include Iconiq, who was an investor in Facebook, and Salesforce Venture.  Its latest evaluation has them at $1B, so there’s talk of an IPO later this year.


Conga acquired Novatus Contracts to add to their offering of document generation solutions for Salesforce.  It received $70 M from Insight Venture Partners.  Insight has invested in various different companies of which the most interesting is Zumba Fitness.


Coupa falls into CLM after acquiring Contractually.  Coupa is traditionally an AP automation company.  It has received $169 M in venture funding over seven rounds.  Iconiq was also an investor in Coupa along with T. Rowe Price and others.   Its evaluation is also at $1 BCoupa is also looking to IPO this year.


Remember Selectica?  Well it’s now Determine.  In addition to CLM, it offers “Procure to Pay” and Strategic Sourcing.  Selectica was founded in 1996 and the name changed last year.  Determine trades on NASDAQ under the ticker DTRM.  The Friday close had their market cap at $15.67 M.


Exari’s offering is 100% contract management.  It has received $12 M over two rounds from Beacon Equity Partners and angle investors.  The $10 M investment from Beacon allowed the Melbourne, Australia based company to open an office in the U.S.


Icertis offering is also all contracts.  It’s the youngest of those with outside capital, having been founded in 2009.  It has received $21 M over two rounds from Ignition Partners, Eight Road Ventures and Greycroft Partners.


Revitas’ focus is on Contract and Channel management.  So far it has received $55 M in its first round of funding from the private equity firm LLR Partners.

SAP Ariba

Ariba was acquired by SAP to add AP and Contract Management.  Need I say more?


SciQuest is in the Source to Settle space.  That means it offers AP, AR, and Contract Management.  SciQuest trades on NASDAQ under the symbol SQI.  The Friday close had their market cap at $372.3 M.


I first looked at SpringCM back in 2011.  At the time its offering was to support marketing material in Salesforce.  It has now added contract specific support to their platform.  It has received $34 M over three rounds.  Its last round was in 2014 and came from Goff Capital, Square 1 Bank and Foundation Capital.

3 Public, 2 Pending IPOs and 5 Venture Funded Companies

CLM has a software giant, two more publically traded companies worth $380 M, and seven venture funded company with $547 m in total funding.  That’s a pretty decent market for one that in is a subset of Enterprise Content Management.

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