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Advice for 2014 – Give and Take

I thought I would begin 2014 with a few thoughts on how to give and take advice. This picture is from my home town. The utter practicality of it says a lot about the place.

We spend a great deal of energy, mental and otherwise trying to figure out how to create cultures of innovation. We are on a mission it seems to kill the way we used to do everything. There are times though when listening to the advice of someone that has been down a road before is a good idea.

The thing I like about this picture is it doesn’t say “don’t go this way.” There are no hyperbolic predictions of disaster. There are no numbers telling you exactly how high your vehicle must be to clear the overpass. Nothing to process. Nothing to analyze.

It is not even a warning. Just a simple statement of fact.

If this then that. Now it is up to you.

There is a lesson here for both those giving and taking advice this year.

Be simple and clear when giving. Do not be dismissive of the practical when taking – even if you are “innovating.”

Best wishes to all of you for a prosperous 2014.

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