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Venture Investments in Content Analytics

To me Content Analytics has always been an intriguing field. When I saw what data mining could do with reporting on metadata stored within their vast databases, I was impressed. Being a believer of the 80% unstructured to 20% structured data in an enterprise, I saw the real power to be if someone could look at all that unstructured content. I used to wonder what could really be done with all that data. A small act in 1999 would make all those capabilities visible to us today. That was the formation of In-Q-Tel.

In-Q-Tel is a private venture capital firm created by request of the Director of Central Intelligence with support of the US Congress. Their goal is to help leverage technical innovation from the private sector for use in the intelligence community. Their press releases even states that they are “a private venture group funded by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).” If someone wants to see what possible with metadata and content analytics one only needs to look at their portfolio. For instance, there’s …

(Please note that the list of the companies and the descriptions I’m about to share is all PUBLIC information posted in the portfolio section of In-Q-Tel website and the website’s of the companies they invested in.)

These ten companies offer viable solutions that are available to the enterprise today. So it’s not really a question of “if” content analytics is a viable in today’s enterprise but more of a question of “what’s next.”

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