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Three Things I Would Not Miss At EMC World (if I were there)

I didn’t get to go to EMC World this year. Not happy about it but fortunately I’ll be able to tune in to many of the keynotes through the virtual sessions on the EMC Community Network. If I WERE there though I have three things that I would be sure to make time for.

1) D2 4.0 Labs

OK to be fair there would be four things but I have already seen xCP2. I have really been looking forward to a chance to get hands on experience with the next version of the D2 product line. The current configurable client is still relatively new to us but 4.0 moves beyond the configuration in a locked “file browser” motiff to a true widget oriented interface. It looks very cool. Frankly what I am most interested in is the distinctions that would drive me as an architect to recommend D2 vs. xCP2 for a given client. We will hear composable versus configurable and basic ECM versus process oriented but I really need a feel for the tools before those concepts solidify in my own mind.

2) Next Generation Information Server Demo Session

The next major leap forward in Documentum architecture will be in the transformation of the traditional content server  into a cloud scalable, multi-tenant metadata management system. This leveraging all that we have learned in the development of xPlore and applying it to core content management. That’s cool but how do you get to it? There is a session that will demonstrate the D2 4.0 interfaces (formerly referred to as X3) on top of NGIS instead of Content Server. I am dying to see this work for several reasons not the least of which is that it represents the server architecture that will carry the brand (and many of our careers) in to the next decade so the more we learn now the better.

3) Checking out Oxygen Cloud

For those of you that don’t know Oxygen is a cloud content mangement startup that is built on EMC Atmos. When I did a quick survey of four options in the sync and share market several weeks ago this was an example I included. I have thought for some time that EMC Atmos has a larger role to play in content management in general and I really like what I have seen so far. If I were there I would  be looking to expand my knowledge of Atmos and understand the differentiators between Oxygen and the dropbox, box and sugar crowd.

For those you going I wish the best of luck and have a great time but please post back comments if you make it to these sessions. I would love to know what you think.

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