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Syncplicity – EMC Buys Into Sync and Share

This is probably the most important story about the IIG portfolio in recent memory. EMC announced today the acquisition of cloud file sync and share vendor Syncplicity. This is significant on different levels and there will be posts from many sources official and otherwise attempting to understand it all but here are a few of my early observations. (These are my opinions and not necessarily those of EMC.)

I believe this move shows that

As I learn more I will pass it on. I want to understand more about the technical side of things.(integration, archive,etc) I have played with the various clients (Mac and Android) and so far I am pleased. No doubt we will be bombarded with feature bubble charts from friend and foe alike but my initial reaction was positive. I especially like the administrative options for setting default behaviors.

At this point though I believe this is a move by EMC that was both well reasoned and aggressive and I suspect will trigger copy cat acquisitions within months. Professionally I am looking forward to learning how we can use Syncplicity ourselves and sell it through our direct and partner channels.

Finally as someone familiar with the struggles IT organizations have with opening up this capability I can say that I am hopeful this combination will bring us to the place where productivity and security of unstructured data no long have to be at odds in the enterprise.

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