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Random Thought – Virtual Juries

So I am stuck – uh I mean – happily serving on jury duty this week. The judges and clerk of the court are lightheartedly apologetic about the time we have to spend waiting around but at least they have provided free WIFI to take up the time. Good use of my tax dollars but I wondered what else could we do to improve this experience. For those of us who work from home most of the time the answer is obvious. Virtual Juries. Given the glacial pace that judicial technology changes my grandchildren may see it but it seems a far more efficient use of everyone’s time. You could even use social media mechanisms to locate AWOL jurors. The deputy coming to pick you up for skipping would just have to check foursquare. I know all of the fraud and potential problems with the concept but I would personally be much more enthusiastic about serving my constitutionally established responsibility if I could use telepresence.

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