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Do You Have Ecmaphobia?

Ecmaphobia(ek – ma -foh’ – bee – yah)  noun.  Fear of Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Symptoms :

1) Denial of the existence or importance of content in an application

2) Avoidance or unfounded criticism of others known to be proponents of ECM

3) Irrational belief that one can do everything ECM does cheaper, faster and or better with no assistance.

Causes :

Causes for ecmaphobia are generally thought to be participation in or even anecdotal familiarity with efforts whose failure were attributed to the implementation, integration or mere mention of ECM.   Though scientific evidence for it is scarce, ecmaphobia is contagious and can spread quickly through a community.

Treatment and Prognosis :

Left untreated, ecmaphobia is a career long condition that can limit application flexibility, promote loss of information, create anti-social meeting behavior  and lead to job loss.  Extreme cases have been known to cause  litigation and incarceration. The condition may lie dormant for years until exposure to content requirements trigger an outbreak.

Treatment options for this condition vary by subject but the most effective course will include aversion therapy where the patient is required to spend forty hours per week (80 for contractors)  on a well run ECM project for a period of no less than three months. Full recovery is possible but relapses are common when there is nothing else to blame for schedule delays.  Pharmacological options have documented success but are not legal in most countries.

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