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100th Post Milestone

i just got back from the NE user group meeting in Boston yesterday. Many thanks to the host, Liberty Mutual, and the other sponsors. Looking at the numbers, I see that this is the 100th post on BMOC. These types of milestones don’t matter in the grand scheme of things but if I may be self indulgent for a minute.

We quitely passed 25,000 page views several weeks ago. By many standards this number is insignificant but I still think it is pretty cool given the narrow range of topics we cover. There are lots of other data points I could throw out about the site but I’ll highlight one that I thought was particularly interesting.

The all time most read article (at the moment) is “Enterprise SharePoint – Port it to Oracle.”  This corresponds to the top search terms which usually contain some variation of “MOSS with Oracle backend.”  For an admittedly EMC heavy blog to have this be the most read I think says alot about our changing market. Marko’s take on the annoncement of CenterState/Magellan from EMC World runs a close second.

Sharing the blog between the two of us has been an interesting experiment that I would say it has been successful for the most part. We don’t argue as much as I thought we would – to be honest – Marko is nicer to me in print. Still, we are debating on how long to continue the blog’s current theme and structure. I believe these types of things need to change,grow and go away as new ideas come to the forefront but for the moment we carry on.

Thanks again to all our readers worldwide. Marko, you have the honor of post 101.

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