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eRoom Users Call to Action

I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t admit that Sharepoint will control most of the collaboration market space but there is need and profit in the rest of that pie chart. IBM is not backing away from collaboration but EMC’s lack of vocal support of eRoom, pandering to backend integration and promises for the delayed Rich Internet Client suggest that eRoom is doomed. It could be that the market has made it’s decision already but YOU the customer have the power to SAVE EROOM. 

I surmise that there is still debate in EMC’s secret lair about what to do with eRoom.  EMC’s continued promotion of the product in the Insignia line is a ray of hope in an otherwise dark cave of doubt. While in concept the Collaboration Edition might have been a good idea, in execution it’s not even close to the ease of deployment offered by eRoom and Sharepoint alike. So we are left to wonder where the roadmap and tools are that buyers and technology planners need to make fair evaluation of the merits of eRoom over Sharepoint for their new and existing collaboration systems.

EMC needs to hear the customer’s voice over the hype and din of marketing being broadcast from Redmond.  Call your sales rep. You’ve paid your maintenance and I think you deserve an answer. 

The best way to loose the bout is never to get in the ring.  Don’t give up without a fight.   

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