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ECM, “Reports of my death are premature.” November 21, 2013

Posted by Marko Sillanpää in Content Management, ECM.

For a while I’ve seen the various posts of the death of ECM. What has happen is that “enterprise” has become an adjective rather than a noun. Often, as vendors, we think enterprise means a big deal size rather than a wide venture. Enterprise solutions have come to mean solutions to large problem encountered often by a small audience. ECM sales were often made as enterprise-deal but the solutions rarely left the large complex problems they were envisioned to solve.

I believe that ECM is about to have a revolution, a revolution towards EwCM (Enterprise-wide Content Management).  That revolution is being lead by the customer. (more…)

The Real Story Group release 2013 Content Technology Vendor (Subway) Maps July 15, 2013

Posted by Marko Sillanpää in ECM.
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Gartner recently released their Digital Media Transit Map reminded me that I’d seen something this before for ECM.  So I looked and found that Real Story Group (formerly CMS Wire) had also recently released their 2013 Content Technology Vendor Map.  The Content Technology Vendor is an interesting graphical way to see all of the vendors within the content management space.  Each “transit route” represents a specific technology space, like enterprise search or web content & experience management.  Major hubs represent locations represent vendors where multiple technologies come toghether.

Understanding ECM Is About Dialect July 9, 2013

Posted by Marko Sillanpää in AIIM, Consulting, Content Management, ECM.
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One thing I’ve learned over 15 years in ECM is that there are characteristics in individual systems and solutions that often come to the level of idiosyncrasies.  The problem is that too often people on opposite sides of the table can argue against the same side of a solution for hours without realizing that both sides were talking about the same thing.  Too often we get so wrapped up in our own language of ECM that we don’t realize there are different vendor, industry, and customer dialects.


Trends in the Magic Quadrant June 25, 2013

Posted by Marko Sillanpää in Content Management, Documentum, ECM, EMC, Hyland, IBM, OnBase, Open Text, Oracle, SharePoint.
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If you are looking for a guide to the “who’s who” of Enterprise Content Management, the Gartner Magic Quadrant is it. The vendors are measured on Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute. Each vendor is plotted within a quadrant and categorized as either a; Niche Players, Visionaries, Challenger, or the coveted Leaders position. Recently I wanted to look at something a little different, the trend over years. What I found “may” be interesting.


Will VACS be the End for ECM Platforms? April 18, 2013

Posted by Marko Sillanpää in box.net, Content Management, Documentum, ECM, EMC, IBM, KnowledgeTree, Open Text, Salesforce, SambaCloud, Selectica, SpringCM, VACS.
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If we look back, ECM is a young space.  It started back in 1998 at Documentum when they were the first vendor to look at both documents and web content together formally.  Until then companies had either been documents (Documentum, FileNet, and OpenText) or web (Interwoven, Vignette, etc.).  This transition was huge and really affected the players heavily.  Having been in the starting line up during the second quarter of ECM it was an interesting time.  And I see a lot of similarities today with a move to Value Added Content Solutions (VACS).

Successful conversations today are no longer about great library services or even content formats but how content adds value to existing business problems.  It a shift in the conversation to how the content is being used rather than how it’s being created.  It’s not about saving one person one hour of time once a week but rather how you save a thousand people one minute of time (quick math 52 hour in the former and 867 in the latter.)  A great place to see this change is with VACS in the CRM (customer resource management) space.


ECM in 2013 – Winds of Change January 4, 2013

Posted by Lee Dallas in Content Management, Technology.
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I am looking forward to 2013 in the ECM market more than in the last five years. The thing that interests me more than anything else is change and this year promises to be anything but dull. The status quo is not just boring – it is dangerous.  What follows are  my thoughts on the major trends in enterprise content management that will affect our careers and choices in the coming year. Standard disclaimer – these are my opinions, observations and speculations not those of my employer. (more…)

2013 – Random Tech Predictions January 3, 2013

Posted by Lee Dallas in Acquisitions, Technology.
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In addition to the new year’s ECM trend post I decided to write  a separate list of random tech predictions for those with shorter attention spans. Some are serious. Some less so. You can decide which is which.

  • Google Glass has people expecting advances in wearable computing. Add electronic vision correction to VR and now it is something for people over 25.  With an aging geek population in the US I think this broadens the appeal by addressing an actual need. Take a look at Pixel Optics. Reading up on the company I get the sense it is overtly clinical(i.e. boring). To be viable in the market this company needs to be acquired by someone with a cooler vision (pun intended).
  • Someone please combine Google Glass with a wand so you can yell “Expelliarmus” at a guy on the street with the glasses and disable his device. VR graphics could be awesome. While your at it make “Avada Kadavra” delete their facebook account.
  • SAP will acquire a cloud-based content management player – They have already invested in several but this is a logical next step and addition to the Ariba and Successfactors buys last year.
  • Acquisitions in the Legal Matter Management space  are made to go after disenchanted IWOV customers.Targets like Mitratech (if Vista Equity is ready to cash out). Expect IBM to be an early buyer following their StoredIQ purchase.
  • Some legislature somewhere will suggest regulating Amazon Web Services and other platform cloud services as public utilities. (price controls, penalties for limiting access,etc.)
  • The US Post Office explores even more business models including offering expanded computing services to businesses. Revenue is a huge problem for the USPS and though they have added electronic data exchange, electronic verification,etc. they need to find new money. If you think about it expanding into content archival is very possible. They are already delivering electronic data, why not offer to retain it for downstream access.
  • HP begins selling off major assets of Autonomy to refocus on core business.

Time to put the crystal ball back in the closet until next year.

Autonomy & HP’s Autoimmune Response January 2, 2013

Posted by Lee Dallas in Acquisitions, Autonomy, Content Management.
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As I reflect on last year and look to 2013 (post to follow) here are a few year end thoughts on how the HP/Autonomy mess plays out. Autonomy and HP both had gathered an interesting collection of acquisitions in the the content, records, web and portal space before this questionable buy One thing two decades in business have taught me is that large organizations can be brutally vindictive when their honor is in question and their survival is challenged by a troubled acquisition. (more…)

2012 – Predictions Scorecard & Year in Review December 23, 2012

Posted by Lee Dallas in Acquisitions, Content Management, Documentum, Dropbox, ECM, EMC, Open Text.
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Since we have averted the Mayan apocalypse I am collecting my 2013 predictions for the ECM market, Before that a few words about my scorecard for last year’s predictions. On average I have had better years. Still there was one or two predictions I can feel good about from last year’s post.


2012 Predictions and Presuppositions December 14, 2011

Posted by Lee Dallas in Acquisitions, box.net, Content Management, ECM.
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I have decided to take a slightly different approach to my predictions post this year. Rather than write a well thought out and reasoned positions I’ll spew out the list of ideas I have been collecting. My goal for this post is less about proving myself right next year than to do a list that gives everybody something to think about. Hopefully we will expand on the themes as the year progresses.

The list in no particular order:

  • We will all change careers – if you are doing the same thing today you were three years ago you are doing it wrong. If technology hasn’t changed what you thought your career was by now the economy has. Get ready because next year will be just as unsettling.
  • Election year technology brings more annoying augmented reality – I thought Wolf Blitzer standing in front of virtual graphics was cool for about ten minutes but now it just gets on my nerves and the presidential election cycle will take this annoyance to a new level.
  • App markets collapse under their own weight – we passed the million app mark and it will now become the focus of the market to get noticed. Sadly two guys in a garage will fade as marketing budgets begin to overwhelm the clever.
  • Cloud content data loss litigation – This has probably already happened but now that everyone has at least heard the term cloud in a technology context we are due a high profile data loss story in the media that involves multimillion dollar consequences.
  • Angry Birds Mayan Apocalypse 2012 – do I really need to explain this?
  • Open Text market cap will surpass Research In Motion making it Waterloo’s biggest tech resident – who would have ever dreamed that as I write this RIM is worth several billion less than what Autonomy sold for. If RIM doesn’t make a dramatic turn around soon I will have reverse the names in my RIM Should Buy Open Text post from earlier this year.
  • The Jive IPO initiates acquisition frenzy in social platforms – Up until now enterprise software players have been dabbling at creating their own social platforms but the Jive IPO will convince some they need to go faster and kick off acquisitions. Look for products like Broadvision‘s Clearvale to be early targets.
  • Dropbox goes shopping – We have already seen Dropbox reacting to Box with their team product. Clearly they see the smaller contender encroaching on their value proposition and will want to expand their feature set, possibly through acquisition. If they don’t then it Box may well beat them to the IPO party.
  • Someone who prefers Bing meets someone that prefers Google+ and time ends.

I will add more thoughts as they come to mind and I promise before January to evaluate my 2011 Predictions.


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